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The presented knife gate valve is exclusively designed to help industries handle corrosive, abrasive, and viscous media effectively. This knife gate valve is provided with a sharp knife at the base of the gate to cut across solid deposits and help stop the flow completely, thus providing reliable on/off in the processes, making it a supreme choice of industries for dry as well as wet lines. All the parts that are exposed to the media are made from first-grade stainless steel material to protect them from corrosion and abrasion at the same prolong their life. The optimum design of this knife-edge gate valve ensures easy operations at low-pressure drop, regardless of the media and that makes us one of the top manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters of the knife-edge gate valve in India as well as over the sea.

Our knife-edge gate valve meets API 600 and API 603 design standards and has claimed its quality by delivering outstanding on/ off performance for slurries, pulp, semi-solids, chips, dry ash, heavy oils, and wastewater applications and has become popular among paper and pulp, steel plants, thermal power plant, chemical industries and other industries for effective and efficient flow control. Keeping the wide application area in the mind, we have made this knife-edge gate valve available in the standard configuration as well as bespoke configuration at the best price in the market.

The major types of these knife gate valves are:

Unidirectional Knife Gate Valve

We as a knife gate valve manufacturer, supplier and exporter glad to introduce one of the economical ranges of the knife gate valve' that is designed to allow the flow in only one direction and prevent the flow in the opposite direction. This unidirectional knife gate valve is robust against harsh environments and provides high flow rates with low-pressure drops, making it ideal for liquids having nominal suspended solids. The offered valve meets set industry standards and popular among water plants, chemical and food industries.

knife gate valves

Bidirectional Knife Gate Valve

We are one of the esteemed manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of bidirectional knife gate valves from India, here with a cutting-edge range of valves that facilitate bubble-tight shut-off in both directions. The robust structure and zero leakage property of this valve have made them prestigious among industries to control slurries and therefore it is also renowned as a slurry gate valve in the market. The offered bidirectional knife gate valve meets all quality standards and claims to perform unfailingly for a longer life span, and hence is popular to open and shut operation of fiber, pulp, wood pulp, and other fluids with heavy solid sediments.

Rectangular Knife Gate Valve

Rectangular Knife Gate Valve / Square Knife Gate Valve

We are a notorious manufacturer, supplier and exporter of the rectangular knife gate valve from India, which is also famous as a square knife gate valve in some regions. This valve is specifically designed for discharging bins, tanks, dryers, storage hoppers, or similar dry handling equipment to effectively control the flow of highly charged fluids, fly ash, cement, sand, and other similar materials. The advanced design of this valve ensures smooth discharge at the low-pressure drop, whilst its robust structure ensures long-lasting performance even under harsh conditions. This square knife gate valve strongly confirms all quality and design standards and is available in standards as well as customized specifications at the best prices.

Square Knife Gate Valve

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